Turku zen group

Turku Zen is a local zen buddhist practice group. We meet weekly to practice zazen (zen meditation) at Joogastudio 8, Puutarhakatu 49 (3rd floor).

If you’re interested in joining our activities, you can participate in an introductory course in either Turku, Sanneji or Helsinki Zen Center. If you have previous experience of meditation, you can also contact us for a shorter introduction before a weekly sitting.

Our teacher Sangen Salo lives in Sanneji in Karjaa and occasionally visits Turku to give dokusan (personal guidance). Sanneji offers retreats and full time zen training for either shorter or longer visits.

Thursdays 19-20:30 – Zazen 40 + 40 min zazen, kinhin (walking meditation) between the rounds. Tea with sangha.

Monthly fee: 20€

Contact: turPOISTA MINUTku@zazen.fi

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