Sanneji Zendo Turku

Sanneji Zendo Turku is a local zen buddhist practice center. We offer formal zazen (zen meditation) a few times a week, introductory classes and whole day meditations. Our zendo is located at Linnankatu 61 (1st floor). You’ll find an up-to-date sitting schedule in the calendar below.

Our teacher Sangen Salo lives in Sanneji in Karjaa and occasionally visits Turku to give dokusan (personal guidance). Sanneji offers retreats and full time zen training for either shorter or longer visits.

We arrange brief introductions in English on demand, where we give instructions on the meditation practice and go through the formal zazen (zen meditation) procedure. After this introduction, you can start to practice on your own and attend formal zazen with our group.

If you would like to attend an introduction or have practiced zazen earlier, please inquire by email: turPOISTA

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